Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seaside Riffles - 1

Those buildings seem to be quite close. You cannot walk directly. There is sea between you and the concrete. You can reach there only through a necklace-curvature that turns away and then turns in, thus increasing the span. Those buildings are not close. They are quite far. The sea between us hides the depth of chasm. The curvature hides the drift. No, those buildings are too far. Some hearts and minds are also like these in creating the effects of far-yet-close and close-but-far. The tragedy of the reality is the danger of not being able to see the abyss and the curved relationship. But the breeze, that touches those buildings, now flows through me. The breeze, which comes from the other part of sea, brings me freshness and joy that transcends the deep sea and the curvature. The cool and divine morning air is just good enough to create a feel that forms a bridge with me as a bead.