Sunday, January 25, 2015

From Prefaces - 1

(Dear Readers, I just got up after a long hiatus. Hope you are happy to have me back. - Shencottah)

Books have prefaces. At times, we get inspiration from a couple of lines in the preface. Few lines make us laugh. Some words make us wonder. Occasionally, some do incite us. I am planning to give a sample of those words in this 'From Prefaces'  series.

Welcome to the world of prefaces.

From the preface of Phenomenal Physics by Clifford E. Swartz:

"... No doubt some errors may remain. Blame me, or better yet, let me know and I will try to correct the error. After thirty years of teaching physics, I still find lots of things that I didn't know I didn't know before. I hope that most of you who read this book are doing it because you want to learn more about our world. Some, I know, are taking physics only to fulfill some requirement. In either case, I hope you end up enjoying the book and the course work. We live in a mysterious and phenomenal universe, and, as far as we know, we're the only ones around who can comprehend it..."